Real Nature Holistic Dog Food No.4 River Duck for Emotional Wellbeing & Weight Maintenance


We believe in keeping our fur babies’ immunity system strong through their daily diet. Through a careful survey, we carry dog food that uses only the best ingredients available for that season and uses zero artificial preservatives or flavours that explains a relatively shorter shelf life. This localized formula from Taiwan takes into consideration the Asian climate to promote good intestinal health, anti-allergy, reduce itchiness and healthy skin and coat for our dogs.


  • Fresh Meat 79%
  • Animal Protein 80%
  • Seasonal Fruits and Veggies 20%
  • Artificial-free
  • Added more specific minerals such as amino acids and other micro-nutrients for endocrine balance
  • Added L-carnitine helps the oxidation of fat to increase metabolism 
  • USP-verified pharmaceutical grade fish oil from South America rich in DHA & EPA
  • Suitable for: Dogs above 9 months old. For dogs after spaying/neutering surgery to achieve emotional stability and endocrine balance and relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, anxiety, weight gain in neutered dogs.

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